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Purchase a digital gift card  for your friends,  family, and colleagues! 

Fill out the gift card set up form to get started.

Gift Card


Our gift card program allows you to show your loved ones you truly care. Gift them a special session with us and we will leave their space sparkling and scenting. Once you fill out the gift card form, you will be sent an invoice to securely purchase your gift card. You will also receive email containing details to forward to your recipient's email. 


  • What is the unique code?
    The unique code is like a passcode used to verify the ownership of a gift card. The buyer/gifter must create unqiue code that must only be shared with the gift card recipient.
  • Do gift cards expire?
    No gift cards do not expire
  • How to redeem a gift card
    Send us an email with the name of the person who purchased this gift card and the unique code. Let us know what service you would like to add your gift card balance on.
  • Can I return my gift card?
    The gift card is not refundable
  • How many people can use a gift card?
    You are free to give the unique code to anyone. Once the balance is gone than the gift card is no longer valid. If the service exceeds the funds available, the customer can just pay the difference of what is remaining on the card. I want to make sure that the customer understand that I am not responsible if the code is shared with someone other than them. It's up to the customer to determine how many people they want to use the gift card
  • What is the minimum and maximum amount a gift card can be?
    $200 is the minimum amount. There is no maximum
  • Paying for your gift card
    You will be sent a PayPal Invoice to complete the payment. Once that is complete, you can forward this email to your recipient.
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